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The SEO Link Building Bubble Has Officially Popped

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Chief Marketing Officers should connect the dots on three recent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles.   The first being the NY Times article on how JC Penney’s SEO link building scheme collapsed and the resulting SEO performance drop.   Soon after,’s paid link building scheme also unraveled.   Then on Friday, Google announced changes to its search engine algorithm to fight against low value content sites such as eHow.

Chief Marketing Officers should be noting that years of SEO investment by these companies were literally wiped away in hours.   If SEO investment were an asset on these companies balance sheet, they would be disclosing huge earnings write downs.   In addition to the SEO drop, these companies also receive a brand hit as they have been called out as cheaters and spammers.

The bottom line is that Google is trying to connect people to outstanding, original and relevant content.   The SEO link building schemes and low value content approaches were working on the premise that they could disguise their flimsy content from Google.  Sooner or later, these schemes inevitably have to collapse like Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme.

On the other hand, if these companies had invested in great content over the past few years, they would benefit from not only an improved SEO position but also from a more positive interaction with prospective customers.  In the end, all efforts to trick Google or a prospective customer are going to end badly.  If you haven’t been caught yet, you will be.  However, it  is not too late to start focusing on a sustainable SEO strategy built upon great content.

Posted by Jeff Aliotta. Jeff is Managing Partner and co-founder of Anova Marketing Group.

SEO Benchmarking Moving from SEO Tactics to SEO Strategy

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

What is good search engine optimization performance?
Are we ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than our competitors in SEO?

Chief Marketing Officers and brand managers have been increasingly asking these questions. Previously, they monitored revenue attributed to SEO as the yardstick of SEO effectiveness. Not surprisingly, SEO revenue steadily increased with an overall global digital sales uptrend. However, simply seeing SEO revenue growth really doesn’t answer the question of whether your SEO performance is better than your competitors.

The Coupon Site Affiliate Toll

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Coupon sites are, by far, the largest segment of affiliate marketing. The coupon site business model begins by aggregating coupons, sales, and promotions available on a retailer’s website or provided via other marketing campaigns (e.g. e-mail, search engine marketing). The coupon site then creates a separate page specific to each retailer highlighting all known promotions. In exchange, the retailer pays a commission to the coupon site for every customer who clicks on these promotions and then buys something on the retailer’s site. To be blunt, our advice to our clients is these coupon sites (note: we assume somewhere a coupon site adds value, but we haven’t seen one yet) are literally just diverting traffic already destined for their site and cutting into their profit like a toll booth on a highway.

BP Oil Spill Live Feed and Agile Digital Marketing

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

The BP Oil spill live feed offers the Anova Group a chance to demonstrate a few lessons in agile digital marketing. As of the time of writing this blog, millions of people have been searching on Google, Yahoo and Bing the following 5 words – “BP Oil Spill Live Feed”. I myself actually performed that search 4-5 times over the past few days in hopes that the ‘top kill’ procedure would have worked.

Anova Group is distinguished as a Google Certified Partner

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Google Certified PartnerGoogle has notified us that Anova Group is now a Google Certified Partner. Anova Group is pleased to join this very select group of companies recognized as a Google Certified Partner. At the time of writing this post, Anova Group is one of only 2 companies in the Charlotte, NC area and one of only 5 companies in the Chicago, IL area Google certified.

Norwegian Team Curling Pants Another Social Media Mania

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Norwegian Olympic Curling Team PantsEvery day in social media, an event takes place that creates an unusual and uncontrollable social mania. My wife, who is Norwegian, introduced me to the Norwegian Curling Pants Facebook Fan Page. I have attached a picture of the pants in action at the Olympics at the right. As of February 22nd, this current mania can be measured by over 300,000 Norwegian Curling Pants fans. The fan page includes minute-by-minute score updates. As I write this blog, Norway is leading the French Team by a score of 7-2.

By their very nature, no marketer can predict exactly an upcoming social media mania. However, at the same time, I would bet that some social media activity concerning Olympic curling is not that surprising given the history of jokes (at least in the U.S.) about this sport. Furthermore, while a few entrepreneurs have jumped on the bandwagon in attempting to sell similarly styled golf pants, for the most part, this social media event may live and die without any marketing gurus taking advantage of the situation.

The lesson, I think, is that marketers who want to take advantage of social media should both be constantly brainstorming potential social media manias and have the capabilities in place to pounce within days or perhaps hours upon the temporal mania. For large companies, this is a scary proposition to have a team plotting for a social media eruption and expect that team to respond quickly without bureaucratic reviews and approvals. At the same time, considering the recent Toyota recall fiasco, not having a team in place to respond to social media eruptions may soon be the cause of senior executive firings.

Posted by Jeff Aliotta of Anova Group.

The Push Theorem of Social Media

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

In science, fundamental theories create a foundation that provide context for ongoing study of that field. For example, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is the building block upon which astrophysics is conducted. As digital marketing scientists, Anova Group has developed our own fundamental theories that provide a foundation for our field of study. Through our blog, we will share our fundamental theories beginning with the Push Theorem of Social Media.

SEO Inbound Link Quality Not Quantity

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

In 2010, Anova Group began working with a university-based company that was seeking help in developing more leads for their proprietary technology. Given our mathematical and engineering background, we were intrigued by a technology that can specifically detect and locate any electrical intermittent faults in complex power systems. (more…)

Online Pricing Strategy | Price-Value Equilibrium Line

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

A frequent question from our clients is “What is the maximum price that I can sell this at?”. At Anova group, we frame this question within the concept of a price-value equilibrium line. The price-value equilibrium line helps our clients answer three fundamental questions:

  • Are we pricing competitively?
  • Are we profit maximizing?


Walmart and Harry Potter

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

My son Ethan, who has been reading the Harry Potter books, requested “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” movie for Christmas. Like most parents, I typed “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie” into Google. Unlike most parents, I became completely engrossed in critiquing the paid search ads.